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Openingtrainer center expansion 2

We now know how important it is to build a large center. A large center increases the freedom of your own pieces, while restricting the opponent's mobility

Did you know that you can not only prepare the development of your pieces, but you can also prepare the expansion in the center? You do this with a supporting pawn. Let's look at both examples.

In the first example, a supporting pawn is not used. Black immediately places a second pawn in the center. This pawn is now captured. After the knight rakes back, it is chased around. On the one hand, Black has now succeeded in opening lines and increased their control over the center, on the other hand, Black has lost time because the knight has made no fewer than three moves already.

In the second example, Black takes a different approach. Black starts with a preparatory move by moving the c-pawn one square. On the next move, Black opts to place a second pawn in the center. The big advantage is that Black can now take back with the pawn. After the exchange in the center, the c-pawn has changed into a beautiful center pawn. What a metamorphosis!

What do you have to do?

Develop your pieces, fight for the center and also consider if you can prepare the expansion in the center.

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