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Openingtrainer queen’s pawn 3

We are back to positions that arise from openings with the queen's pawn. Openings with the queen’s pawn are certainly not always boring, and can sometimes become very sharp.

Look at the first example. If Black now plays a healthy development move, White can slowly increase the pressure. With an accurate queen maneuver, White can win back the pawn, which leads to a small advantage.

In example 2 you see that Black can also play the interesting 1...a6. This move looks like a gross violation of the golden rules. But the idea is prophylactic! The move Qa4 no longer works because Black can then keep the pawn with the gain of a tempo.

As you can see, tactical motives can sometimes arise, making it interesting to ignore the golden and silver rules for a while.

What do you have to do?

Look for the best moves. There is room for creativity here!

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