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Squares, pitfalls & double attacks

You have already been introduced to the concept of temptation. Two moves seem to be equally strong, but if you look more closely, you see that only one move is the right one. In the next three lessons, we will combine temptation with the mating square. In this lesson we focus on the double attack.

With a double attack we can attack two pieces, a piece and the king or a piece and a checkmating square.

Example 1 is all about cleverly attacking a piece and a mat square.

In Example 2, you can attack two pieces at the same time, but be careful! In this case, the defender can escape with a counterattack on a mating square if you choose the wrong continuation!

What do you have to do?

Win material by performing a double attack. Be careful not to give the other player a chance to defend by counterattacking.

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