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Squares & double attacks (1)

Besides the king and pieces, squares can also be attacked. Earlier, in the lessons on the 'special attacks' double attack, discovered attack and pin we saw that you can win material if both a piece and a checkmating square are (indirectly) attacked at the same time.

A square can be attacked with the goal of giving mate there, but also to promote or to carry out a threat (special attack). In the coming lessons we will focus on the mating square and in the next lesson on the double attack we will also cover the promotion square. At the end of the lesson series on this topic, we will pay attention to the threat.

Earlier we only saw examples with a double attack with the queen (see example 1). Of course other pieces can also attack both a piece and a mating square (see example 2).

What do you have to do?

Win material by attacking both a piece and a checkmating square.

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