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Clever captures (1)

One of the silliest (and most common) mistakes in playing chess is moving too fast. You think you see a good move, but don’t take time to consider your opponent’s options. With a little bit of bad luck, you throw away a piece or you may even lose the game.

The puzzles in this lesson are full of those kind of pitfalls. You always have to defend something: a piece or a mating square. But be careful: if you rush into the wrong defensive move, you'll lose material or be checkmated.

Take a look at the example and you'll see how it works.

In this lesson you are going to use a clever way of defending that you have learned before: your piece captures an attacker and from its new square, protects another piece.

What do you have to do?

Kill two bird with one stone: take the attacker in such a way that you also defend a hanging piece.