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Zwischenzug: Threaten & resolve

In this lesson, you always threatening something. That's great, of course, but in every puzzle there is also problem. You have to come up with a smart move to solve the problem, so that you can take a piece in the next move. The clever moves that appear in these puzzles are in between moves, also called 'zwischzenzugs'. A Zwischenzug is when you interpose a move to solve a problem, before playing the expected move (such as a capture). 

Follow these steps:

  1. Find the piece you can capture;
  2. Find the threat of the opponent (capturing);
  3. Come up with a clever solution that saves your piece, but does not break up your own threat. How? Use an in-between move;
  4. Capture the opponent's piece.

But pay attention! There are always two ways in which you can continue threatening and at the same time solve the problem. Only one way wins material. The other is a pitfall: don't be tricked into it!

What do you have to do?

Win material by first playing an in-between move and then capturing an unprotected or higher-valued piece. Take your time to consider how your opponent may respond to your move.