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Threaten & stop checkmate

It is fun to capture a piece. But it will not get you anywhere if you get checkmated immediately after.

That is what is going on in this lesson: you have a nice threat with an attack on a piece, but your opponent threatens checkmate.

Luckily, it is not checkmate yet. You can still save yourself and even capture a piece in the next move.
You do this by means of in-between move that gives check. 

Study the example to see how this works.

Chess fact
The chess term for an in-between move is zwischenzug (that is German for 'in-between move'). This unexpected move is often a check, a zwischenschach (German for in-between check).

What do you have to do?

Defend against mate by counter checking. Then, capture the unprotected/valuable enemy piece.

Follow these steps:

  1. Find the piece you can capture;
  2. Figure out how your opponent threatens checkmate;
  3. Prevent checkmate by an in-between check.