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Defense: counterattack (2)

Another lesson about counterattacking. Once again, we are going to launch a counterattack on a piece or on the king. A great trick to prevent losses.

We are now focussing on the second move. The counterattack enables White to defend. It is good to be aware of that. Look at the examples to see what we mean by this.

Example 1 shows a counterattack plus moving away.
Example 2 shows a counterattack plus capturing.
Example 3 shows a counterattack plus protecting.

Did you notice? Counterattacks are followed by one of the familiar defenses. Blocking is, of course, also one of them.

What do you have to do?
Defend a piece by using a good counterattack. On the second move, weigh your defense options. Think about all familiar means of defending: moving away, protecting, capturing and blocking.

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