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Getting out of check: blocking

If your king is in check, you must do something about it.
You already know that other pieces can help the king.
In the previous lesson, they did this by capturing.
There is another way. And that is blocking.
You move a piece between your king and the piece that is giving check.
That way, you protect your king.

Sometimes, there is more than one square on which you can block the check.
How do you decide which square to use? By thinking ahead.

Have a look at example 2.
If you move your knight next to the rook (on the red square), the rook will take it.
It’s better to move your knight right next to the king (on the green square).
The rook can still capture the knight. But you don’t have to worry about that.
Your king can simply take the rook in return.
That way, you even gain points. Why? Because a rook has a higher value than a knight!

What do you have to do?
Your king is in check.
Escape by moving a piece between your king and the piece that is checking you.

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