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Checkmate with 1 piece (2)

Are there many pieces on the board? Then you have to look closely.
What can the other player do to get out of check?
Can he move his king?
Or can he get out of check by capturing of blocking?
You have not won the game until your opponent has no way of escaping check.

Look at the examples:
In example 1 the white knight can check the king in two ways. But only one makes mate.
Moving the knight to the red square is not smart. It would check the king, but the pawn can still capture the knight.
What you should do is move the knight to the green square. Now, it is checkmate.
The king is completely trapped by his own pieces. He can’t escape.
This type of mate is called the smothered mate.

In example 2 the white queen can check the king from a few squares. To make mate White has to pay attention to the knight. With the white queen on one of the yellow squares, the king is not mated. Black’s knight can still block the mate.
By moving the queen closer to the king, Black cannot interpose. The queen should move to the green square: checkmate!

What do you have to do?
Checkmate the king with one piece. Be sure to pick the right square to give check.

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