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Mate by protecting

If you give check, you must make the sure the king cannot capture your piece.
Or else you lose a piece and the king is out of check. That’s a bummer!

How can you make sure this does not happen?
By protecting the check giving piece with another piece.
The king can’t take a protected piece. Otherwise, he would be in check once more.
If the king can’t find another way to get out of check, it is checkmate. You win!

Look at the example.
The black king is in check. But not anymore once he takes the white queen.
White must protect his queen with another piece.
That way, Black is checkmated.

What do you have to do?
You have already checked the black king.
But he can get out of check by capturing.
In this game, there’s always a white piece beside the board.
Use this piece to protect the check giving piece. Checkmate!