Frequently asked questions : Accounts - families

Where do I manage my children's profile settings?

Do you want to shield your child from contact with strangers, unlock lessons or change passwords? By choosing the desired settings for each profile, you control what your child can and cannot do at Chessity.

In your family start screen, click on the 'Manage accounts' button

(demo images below are in Dutch)

To prevent children from changing settings without the consent of their parent(s), you must now first enter a verification code. You will receive this by e-mail.

Fill in the verification code in this screen and click OK

You will now access the Manage Students tool. Here is a list of the profiles with the corresponding settings.

The available profile settings are based on our many years of experience with Chessity in primary education. They allow you to set up an optimal and safe learning and playing environment for your child. 

For detailed information on the settings, read: Where can I manage the settings of my students' accounts?

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