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Frequently asked questions : Workshop

My student is a good chess player. Is it possible for him/her to start at a higher level?

Normally, students must first 'unlock' new lessons by doing exercises and lessons.

If there are students in your group who already have good chess skills, the beginner's lessons might be too easy. For these students you can unlock all lessons. He or she does not have to unlock lessons first, but can start with a lesson of their choice.

Note: children often (highly) overestimate their own level. They will start with lessons that are too difficult, which leads to frustration. Taking a step back in level is difficult and frustration for many children.

Our advice is to be very cautious about unlocking all lessons! Do not do this for students who only know how the pieces move, but solely for students who already have a lot of chess experience, for example because they are members of a chess club or have had chess lessons for a longer time.

How to unlock lessons

On the the workshop tool page you will find a list of all active demo accounts. If you don't see this list, refresh the page (F5 for Windows, command-R for iOS, or click on the browser’s refresh arrow) or open the page again via the menu (Coach - Workshop tool).


Check which demo account the student in question has. You can see this on your student’s homepage of the student, on the right side of the screen:

In the workshop tool click on 'unlock lessons' for this demo account: 

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