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I want Chessto to coach me in my chess learning process. Is that possible? (Individual user)

Chessto is the virtual chess teacher in Chessity. It is a friendly little robot that helps chess learners to learn new skills, coaches them while playing a chess game and guides them through their learning. Chessto uses artificial intelligence specially developed by Chessity and is completely unique in chess education. 

Chessto was designed for educational settings, such as schools and chess academies. Given the enormous success of Chessto, the robot is now also available for individual users. With Chessto you have your own personal chess teacher. 

You will automatically get Chessto features if your profile is set to 'Player'. Read here how you can check this and how you can change your settings if needed. If you have a coach profile, you need to enable Chessto tasks manually (the functionality of Chessto in the chess lessons is always available, regardless of whether you use Chessto tasks or not).

This is what Chessto does:

1. Explaining and teaching

How does a knight move? Can a queen make far moves? And how do you take an opponent's piece without losing one of your own pieces? At Pawn Level, Chessto acts as a virtual chess teacher that helps children learn how to play chess.

Chessto also plays a prominent role in teaching and practicing new chess skills. Not only does it help you to understand these concepts properly, it also activates prior knowledge in a structured way. This makes it easier to process and remember the new information. You will automate the thinking steps, so that you can better apply the lessons you have learned in your chess games.

Chessto doesn't mind explaining things three times, ten times, or even twenty times. It never loses its patience and is always helpful and cheerful. However, the robot has deliberately been programmed in such a way that you cannot sit back and let Chessto do the work.

2. Coaching during a game 

Chessto is full of sophisticated artificial intelligence. As soon as you are able to play a real game of chess, it helps you during your games with tips and advice based on your personal level of chess and user data. Chessto teaches you proper opening strategies and what choices you have to make in the different phases of a chess game. Think of aspects like developing pieces, castling and king safety, and attacking safely. At the right time, focused on your personal learning objectives, while Chessto adapts to your level. In short, Chessto offers truly customized learning, that focuses on what it is all about: the chess student.

Our user data shows that the chess level of learners improves by leaps and bounds in a very short period of time. After half an hour of playing chess with Chessto, the effect is already measurable!

3. Coaching in the learning process

Chessto keeps an eye on which lesson(s) still need to be made in order to get a new badge on the way to the exam. It coaches you in your learning process.

Once a week, Chessto assignes these lessons to you as a special mission. If Chessto has assigned you tasks, you will see this backpack on your homepage:

(image in Dutch)

Mission accomplished? Then a new badge will be displayed on the homepage and you are one a step closer to your chess diploma.

Once all stickers have been received, you can take an exam. Chessto's guidance, both in the exam coaching and during the lessons, ensures that you learn even more efficiently, so that you can quickly obtain chess diplomas and enjoy learning.

4. Coaching after a failed exam

If you fail the exam, Chessto comes back into action. It analyses the mistakes that were made during the exam and on the basis of this it compiles a package of lessons that need to be practised in order to pass the next attempt.

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