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Frequently asked questions : Learning, training and gaming

How do I gain insight into my progress and results?

Children who learn chess with Chessity at school or as an extra-curricular activity receive this information from their teacher or trainer. Based on the extensive data in the teacher dashboard, the teacher coaches his or her students to do the most suitable learning and training activities.

For users who learn chess and improve their game with an individual Chessity account, we have designed a personal dashboard.  This is a special page that makes you conscious of your personal progress and statistics. It helps you set personal learning goals and motivates you to achieve them. 

The personal dashboard shows:

  • your daily activity
  • how your rating develops
  • what your strengths and weaknesses are in chess
  • the moves that were played in your chess games
  • which lessons you have completed
  • what mistakes you made in the puzzles and the right solutions were
  • how many stars you have earned

The statistics about your strengths and weaknesses in chess are based on your game performance in the Arena (' Games'). Presented in a table, you see data that show whether you play safe moves, suffer from hanging pieces, do or don’t recognize mating opportunities, and so on. You can play back your own games move by move and analyze them.

This gives you an insight into which chess skills you have already mastered and where you can still improve. By practising in a deliberate way or by taking lessons on subjects you are not so good at yet, you will improve your play and win more chess games. 

Curious about your progress? Check out your personal dashboard now:

>> Click here <<

You can find your personal dashboard under the button 'My dashboard' on your profile page:

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