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Can my child learn how to play chess with Chessity without adult help?

Does your child want to learn to how to play chess, but do you feel unqualified to teach or lack the tools to make learning chess fun? Then Chessity is the perfect choice. 

Chessity is an innovative, easy and fun method that is designed in such a way that your child can learn to play chess completely independently. This is done in a fun and playful way, in an attractive child-friendly online learning environment, full of challenging mini-games. 

Your child will go through the program at his/her own pace and will receive help from the robot Chessto, our virtual chess teacher and friendly coach. It explains chess concepts, helps when your child finds something difficult and motivates your child to persevere.

Learning to play chess offers children many advantages. Chess is good for the development of the brain, sharpens the mind and is so instructive for children that it even advances them in maths, language and other regular school work. Chess helps your child to concentrate better and improves his or her memory.

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