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What can I do in Free Play?

"Free play" is the place where you can play fun chess games against someone else. You can find it under the "Gaming" section.

When playing freely, you go through three steps:

1. Find an opponent for free play:

In the initial screen, you can invite other players to play against you by clicking on their username. Another player can also invite you; you'll see a cross next to a name (clicking on the cross is rejecting the invitation).

You can also always play against a robot. The robots are the icons with red names. The robots are adaptive: their level adjusts to that of the player.

2. 'Negotiate' which game you will play:

Once there's a match with an opponent, a pop-up appears with the games you can play. Click on the game you'd like to play. If the other person also wants to play this game and clicks on it too, the game starts automatically. If the other person clicks on a different game, you'll need to 'negotiate' until you both agree.

3. Just play:

Play games (different or the same) against your opponent until one of you no longer wants to play.

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