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Frequently asked questions : Settings

What does the function ‘Grant access to other accounts’ do?

With this button, you can give someone else access to your Chessity account. By authorizing someone else, you give that user the same rights to your account that you have. This function is especially handy for chess coaches who are working at multiple schools or at different chess clubs. The coach can now log in to his own account, but has access to all the group accounts that he or she uses.

Granting and withdrawing access

To grant someone else access to your account, you enter the name of the account that you want to authorize. Click on he + to confirm.

Your account is now linked and added to the overview of accounts that you have authorized. On this page, you can withdraw your authorization any time you want.


Switching between accounts

As soon as your account is linked to another account, in your personal menu, the following menu item appears: Switch account. You can use this option to switch between accounts.

Multiple teachers/trainers at a school/chess club?

Schools and chess academies often have multiple teachers using Chessity for teaching different groups of children. Although you could use this feature in such a situation, it's not the most convenient. Most teachers and trainers like to see only their 'own' children and not all the children of a school or club.

To have several teachers or trainers from one school or club work together, use the special coaching tool Coach Manager:

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