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Frequently asked questions : Settings

Which user settings should I choose?

It is possible to adjust the appearance of the site and the availably functions to your own situation.

NB: the instructions below only apply to individual users. The user settings of student accounts can only be changed by the coach.

Click on the arrow of the drop-down menu on the top right of your screen and choose ‘My Account’. Under the heading ‘User interface’, you have a number of options.

If you don’t know exactly what to click, click on the button ‘Run wizard’. The wizard is a tool that asks a few simple questions. By answering those questions, you can choose the Chessity settings that match your requirements.


This is how the wizard works

First, indicate whether you are a beginner (beginner), advanced chess player (chess player) or chess teacher or trainer (coach):

If you click on beginner, you can choose whether or not you want to use the simplified beginner interface:

The simplified site is ideal for children at primary school age. This setting provides a child-friendly desgin (a river with a frog). Things that kids don’t need, like blog and statistics, are not shown. In addition, this setting forces children to follow the lessons in the predetermined order. New lessons need to be unlocked by completing the lessons that come before.

Of course, as a beginner, you can also choose not to use the simplified site. You won’t have to unlock new lessons, but you can follow them in the order you prefer. The beginner lessons are available in the child-friendly design as well as in the normal interface. This setting is especially suitable for older children and adults.

If you click on chess player, you don’t have to answer an additional question. You have access to all the normal functions of Chessity. If you do want to take beginner lessons, you can choose whether to do so in the child-friendly or normal environment. It is not necessary to unlock lessons before you can follow them. You can start immediately at your own level.

If you click on coach, you do get a second question:

For chess coaches, it is usually more convenient to have access to all the lessons without first having to follow them all. If that is what you want, click on ‘yes, unlock all lessons’.

Once you have answered these questions, click on ‘Save your choices’. You now have access to Chessity in the environment that fits you (or your child or the student on whose behalf you choose the settings). If you are not entirely satisfied, you can always go back to ‘My account’ and change your settings, either by checking or unchecking options manually, or once again using the wizard.

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Turning features on or off

Click on the arrow at the top right of your screen and choose 'My account'. Under the heading 'User interface' you can turn a number of features on or off:

Beginner mode: the website will be displayed in the simplified, child-friendly view. Please note: if you check this box, not all features are available anymore. See also: I don’t have full functionality. Why is that?

Enable stickers: on your homepage stickers are shown that indicate how far you have progressed on your way to the next exam:


Chessto tasks: make use of the smart functionality of Chessity's virtual coach Chessto. The smart robot Chessto keeps an eye on which lesson(s) still need to be made to get a new sticker on the way to the next exam. Once a week, Chessto will assign these lessons to you as a special mission. If Chessto has assigned tasks to you, you will see this backpack on your homepage:

(image in Dutch)

Unlock all themes: you don't need to do a lesson to unlock the next one.

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