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Frequently asked questions : Accounts - schools and clubs

Is it possible to convert an existing account into a student account?

An existing Chessity account can very easily be included in the student management of a school or chess club. This gives the teacher or chess coach an insight into the results and allows the teacher to adjust user settings for this student.

There are two possibilities:

  1. The student has a privately owned, individual Chessity account
  2. The student has a Chessity account through a school or chess club

A different method of working applies to both situations:

1. The student has a privately owned, individual Chessity account

On the Coach tab, go to the tool Manage Students:

Click on the blue button 'Add existing student account':

Enter the user name, click on the user name when it is shown and confirm with Add. The user is now conditionally included in your student administration:

The student must give permission for the remote management of his account. The next time the student logs in again, they must approve these permissions. This message is displayed on their home screen:

2. The student has a Chessity account through another school or chess club

In the case of a student who already has a Chessity account via another school or a chess club, the method above usually cannot be used. Usually the school/club chooses user settings that shield children from contact with users from outside the school/club. A protected account cannot be found by clicking on the 'Add existing student account' button.

To gain insight into the student's results, you need to ask the other teacher of coach (who created and manages the student account) to share rights with you (see: Can I assign students to different coach?).

The online safety of our protected users is paramount. It is therefore not possible to request this via the system. There will always have to be personal contact between both coaches.

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