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The NEW Chessity experience
Chessity on May 23, 2013   453   0
The NEW Chessity experience Today we have put the largest Chessity release online since the early beginnings of Chessity. We have developed a wonderful new learning and ...
Train anywhere anytime
Chessity on Nov 9, 2012   441   1
Train anywhere anytime. The mobile chess trainer Today we have released an HTML5-powered training experience! Train anywhere anytime! Do you have a busy schedul...
Chess visualization trainer
Chessity on Sep 27, 2012   765   0
Stop losing your pieces. Chess visualization trainer If you lose games by hanging pieces, our new game ‘route planner’ is something for you! With this ga...
Partnership NYPS Chess school
Chessity on Sep 6, 2012   424   3
Nanyang Primary School Chess Club   We have established a partnership with Nanyang Primary School's Chess Club is an example what chess can do for...
Spanish translation
Chessity on Aug 22, 2012   432   0
Traducción al castellano y ayuda Tweet   //     Kaufmann chess web Funciones del colaborador Traducción ...
Tactics battle event
Chessity on Jun 26, 2012   439   1
Chess tactics battle event Tweet // Follow @Chessity  Every weekend, we will organize three chess tactics battle events at Chessity! The free events will st...
Alina l'Ami reviewed Chessity
Chessity on May 7, 2012   433   0
Alina:  "combining usefulness with pleasure, was brought to life in a new, fresh and very entertaining website"
Chessity launched
Chessity on Dec 1, 2011   467   13
Chessity has launched premium subscription. With this premium account you get full access to all the chess puzzles, games and exercises. You can register and un...
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