Earn the most points (1)

Not all chess pieces have the same value.
Some pieces are worth more than others.
A piece that can do many things is stronger than a piece that can do less.
That is why a strong piece has a higher value.

Take, for example, the pawn and the queen.
Do you remember?
In one move, the queen can go to a lot of squares.
The pawn can move to one square only.
Because of this, the queen is much stronger than the pawn.
She has a much higher value than the pawn.

How many points is each chess piece worth?
Pawn = 1 point
Knight = 3 points
Bishop = 3 points
Rook = 5 points
Queen = 9 points

Sometimes, you can take more than one piece. If that is the case, you have to make a choice. It is often smart to capture the most valuable piece.

Look at the example. The white rook has a choice. Shall it take the bishop or the rook? A rook is worth 5 points. A bishop only 3. By taking the rook, White gains the most points.

Far-away pieces that you can take, can be hard to spot. Make sure you always take in the whole chess board. This can earn you a lot of points!

What do you have to do?

Capture the piece that will earn you the most points.