Earn the most points (5)

We have seen that capturing a defended piece can be profitable. You see this in the first example, where the bishop captures the rook. The rook, in return, will be taken by the king. White has no problems with that because a rook is worth more than a bishop. White still earns 2 points.

In this lesson, we take it a bit further. This calls for more calculation: more counting and more thinking ahead.

In the second example, White’s bishop can take the knight. Black’s bishop will recapture. Both White and Black now have 3 points.
This may seem an even trade, but it is not.
Try and see a bit further and you will understand why not. The capturing isn’t done yet!
White’s next move will be to take the black bishop, earning him 3 more points.
Overall, White gains 6 points. And Black only 3. That is 3 points in the pocket for White!

White could also have started with his rook capturing the knight. That would have been a mistake. Do you see what would come next?
First, Black’s bishop would take the rook. Then, White’s bishop would take this bishop in return. White would now have 6 points and Black 5.
In playing these moves, White would gain 1 point. And that is 2 points less than he earns by taking the knight with his bishop!
So remember: don’t just take pieces without thinking ahead!

What do you have to do?
Capture pieces in the way that earns you the most points. Don’t forget to think ahead.

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