Earn the most points (4)

You already know that capturing the most valuable piece is not always the best thing to do. Sometimes you gain more points by taking another piece.

The first example illustrates this.
White can take two pieces: either the rook or the knight.
Both moves are good. But one is better than the other.
It is best for the bishop to capture the knight. That will earn White 3 points.

But why not capture the rook? A rook is worth a nice 5 points, isn't it?
True. If White decides to take the rook, he earns 5 points. But then Black moves and captures the bishop with his pawn. Now, White loses 3 points.
All in all, White only gains 5 - 3 = 2 points from this trade. That is 1 point less than he earns by taking the knight (3 points). This shows that chess is also about counting!

You always have to keep in mind how much the pieces are worth. Sometimes, capturing the most valuable piece is the best thing to do. Even if your own piece is taken in return.

This is shown in the second example.
The white bishop can capture either the queen or the rook. If White takes the queen, Black’s knight will capture the bishop. You can figure out how much White earns: 9 (queen) - 3 (bishop) = 6 points.
If White captures the rook, he doesn’t lose his bishop. So that is a better move, isn’t is?
No, it is not.
The rook wins White 5 points. Which is 1 point less than he earns from taking the queen.

What do you have to do?
Capture the piece that will earn you the most points.

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