Getting out of check: best move

If your king is in check, you must do something about it.
Often, there is only one way to escape check. But sometimes, you can choose.
Then you have to think hard. What is your best move?

Take a look at the examples:
Example 1: The black king is in check from the rook. It can move to the edge.
Is that the best way to escape check? No, it isn’t.
It is better to have the knight capture the rook.
This way, Black is out of check and wins five points!
Example 2: White's king is in check. He can escape to four squares.
But again, moving away is not the best thing to do.
Do you see White's rook? If the king moves away, Black's queen will take it.
So moving your king isn’t a smart move. But what is?
The best thing to do is to move your rook between the queen and your king.
Now, the king is no longer in check.
White’s queen can still take the rook. But you don’t have to worry about that.
Your king is defending it. Should the queen take the rook, the king can simply take the queen in return.

What do you have to do?
Your king is in check.
Make the best move to get out of check.

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