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Sorry about the dust… (but it is worth it)
Chessity on Nov 12, 2017, updated Nov 14, 2017   92   1
This week, we’re implementing new lessons, tools, and features in Chessity. The rapid uptake of Chessity in schools and chess academies inspired us to make o...
Great e-tool for teaching chess: digital chess demo...
Chessity on Aug 31, 2017   2324   1
Still using a physical chess demo board? Here's why you won't be needing it any longer: Chessity provides chess coaches and teachers with a superb e-tool for chess teachi...
First Chessity Pawn Diploma awarded in Brazil
by JacquelineW on Apr 28, 2017   727   6
Maria Elisa Prado Texeira is the first chess student in Brazil who has been awarded the Chessity Pawn Diploma! The diploma was presented to her yesterday by Marcel Pruijt...
Race your own Formula 1 car in the new racing game
Chessity on Apr 13, 2017   684   0
Chessity has a special gift for all young Formula 1 fans: a new chess learning game in which you get to drive your own Formula 1 car. The new racing game is included in t...
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