Our team

Connected people are stronger than organizations

We are chess professionals, software engineers, academics, learning designers, innovation experts, copywriters, game designers, educational experts, teachers, and business-people.

We share a passion for chess and for the future of learning.

We are fascinated by the opportunities that technology brings to work together in the online space and to connect our virtual team.



Jacqueline Wouda
Content manager
Marcel Pruijt
Sylvia van der Veen
Web Developer
Ik write the words ;) Everything related to language and text is my concern.
When I am not at Chessity, I work in other educational contexts. I'm happy to combine a background in writing and journalism with my professional understanding of children's development and learning.

When I am not working, you'll find me making fun of my cat Silly and enjoying my rather chaotic family of six. Three of our children are enthusiastic and talented chess players. With my husband and I desperately trying (and failing - especially me) to keep up with their chess progress, there is a lot of chess going on in our house.

I also teach chess to the youngest members of our local chess club, which I enjoy a great lot.
Sleeping and catching Pokémon.
One of my toes stopped growing when I was little.
"If you don't know what move to make, always play the b-pawn." It's a ridiculous rule of thumb that I made up one day. It doesn't make any sense, but it is comforting to have it as a plan B.
Offline inspiration master.
Providing excellent training at low cost.
Run fanatic. Watching field hockey.
Prefer Chelseas.
“To many people chess is an extreme sport. It requires thinking.”

Ljupka Cvetanova, The New Land
Everything programming related that doesn't involve a chess board.
I've been with Chessity from the beginning in 2011 and watched the site grow throughout the years.
I do other work as a freelance web developer.
In my free time, I like to travel (mostly to places where I can also dive) and I enjoy photography.
Chocolate :)
I'm still having trouble with even easy chess puzzles here on Chessity ;)