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Treat your kids' brains to the fun of chess

Chess is fun, educational and super beneficial for child development.
With Chessity your child builds future skills in a playful way.

In light of the limitations in our daily lives due to the coronavirus,
Chessity temporarily opens up the popular Diploma Challenge 
to families free of charge.

In three weeks time children learn how to play chess and even get a real chess diploma!

Let your kids join in. Sign them up here:

Let's bring out the chessboard!

Educational gaming, serious fun

Learning with Chesstopuzzles and mini-games makes chess simple and fun

Chessto: The cute litte robot Chessto is your child's virtual private teacher
Frog Race: Learn piece movement by racing frogs with other players
Castle Assault: Solve chess puzzles to storm the castle and conquer the gold
The River: Let the frog leap through the river, your personal learning route

Even more fun: play chess with the whole family

Brainpower for young and old, learning something new together. If you enroll your child(ren), one parent can join for free. Learn chess with the whole family and before you know it you will be playing your own family chess tournament at home.

Your personal chess teacher

This is Chessto. He is your private chess teacher, crammed with artificial intelligence for personalized instruction.

Playful learning

Anyone can play chess. Learn it playfully with our fun, interactive lessons and exercises. Learn by gamification.

Games and tournaments

Challenge each other to exciting and educational mini-games and take part in online chess tournaments.

Track your progress

Collect stars and badges, monitor how far everyone is with the lessons and generate stimulating chess reports.

Get real chess diplomas

Start with the Pawn Diploma and earn up to eight official chess diplomas. Who will become the family champion?

Learn together

Learning something new with the whole family is great fun. Join in, train your brain and get ready to play chess.

Learn smart to get smart

Chessity is today's number one smart digital method for chess teaching at schools.

If you join the Chessity Diploma Challenge at home, your whole familiy (max. 5 persons) will benefit
from Chessity's outstanding didactic quality and all advanced features developed for education.

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