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How do children start in Chessity?

Starting with Chessity is really simple. Chessity is designed in such a way that children can autonomously learn how to play chess. No prior instruction is needed before they start using the program. Because it contains game elements, children quickly understand how things work. 

Step 1: Create a player profile

Every child needs their own player profile 

  • Log in to Chessity and click on 'Create your first profile'
  • Choose a username and fill in your child's first name
  • Click on 'Create account'

(demo images below are in Dutch)

Step 2: Start learning and playing

Click the button 'Play' on your child's profile

Choose Learning

Click on lesson 1, The rook, and then on Start

  • Read/watch the explanation or click on Play now

Read/watch the explanation or click on Play now

You now start with your first lesson. The little robot Chessto helps with (spoken) instruction and tips. So make sure your device's sound is on.

Have fun !

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