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How do I organize my students into groups?

For schools and chess clubs with many students, organizing your students into groups is very useful. Groups allow you to filter your view of the student management tool. Organize you students into smaller, more workable groups, for example by teacher or class or by sections that meet on different ways.

Groups can be created and removed, and students can be assigned or reassigned, anytime. Students can be assigned to more than one group. When you remove a group, the associated student accounts will be retained.

The Manage Students tool includes a special panel for group management. This allows you to divide your students into groups according to your own wishes and insights. 

Group management is a very flexible instrument. For example, you can group students per class per class or year of study, but also per level. You can also determine what the group is called. The name of the group can indicate the chess level, for example ‘Pawn group', but also the name of the class at school, such as ‘Class 3B’ or ‘Grade 7’.

How to organize your students into groups: 

1. Open the Groups panel in the Manage Students tool (on the Coach page): click the green button.

2. Enter the desired name of the new group and click on 'OK'.

3. Check the students you want to divide into a group

4. Select the action 'Assign to group', select the desired group and click on 'OK'.

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