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Frequently asked questions : Accounts - schools and clubs

What should I do if my student's email address is already in use?

If you receive a notification when you create a new student account that the filled in e-mail address is already in use, this means that there is already an account associated with this e-mail address.

This account may be:

  • a (free or premium) individual account that your student has
  • an account of someone in the same family (parent, brother or sister) using the same e-mail address

Choose your solution

There are several solutions. It depends on the situation which option is best for you to choose:

  • Delete the existing account and create a new student account with the same email adress. All old user data will be deleted and cannot be retrieved.
  • Change the email address of the existing account. You can now use the desired email address for the new student account.
  • Create a student account without entering an email address. Email addresses are optional for student accounts. This option is useful for siblings attending the same school or chess club. 
  • Convert the existing account to a student account. Your student can continue to use his/her own account, but you now have full coach rights
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