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Can I try Chessity's coaching tools for free?

Yes, you can. Chessity's versatile coaching tools are available to everyone who has a coach account. If you don't have a premium account yet, a free account will give you access to all functionality.

Chessity helps chess teachers and chess coaches with a complete student management and student monitoring systems. The teacher dashboard allows you to easily manage groups, monitor progress, and get insights into your students' learning process. It saves you lots of time and makes your chess teaching more efficient. To get access to these tools, your profile needs to be set to 'coach'.

When you created your account, you were asked a few questions to determine your profile settings. If you told the system that you are a coach, you have access to all coach tools. If you answer was that you are a beginner or a chess player, you can't see the teaching tools. You can easily change your settings. Use the wizard on the page My account.

Select Coach:

In order to test the coach tools, you need to have students. You can create free accounts for students and ask them to add you as your coach. You now have a three day trial to try out all coaching tools.

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