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I already know how to play chess. Can I skip easy lessons?

Normally speaking, new lessons have to be unlocked first by completing the lessons before them. However, for advanced chess players, it is also possible to unlock all the lessons, which means you no longer have to 'earn' lessons, but you can start with a lesson of your choice.

For individual users:

Go to My account – Account settings and check the option ‘Unlock all lessons’.

For users with a student account:

You cannot unlock lessons yourself, only your coach can do that for you.


Many (young) chess players overestimate their own level. They start with lessons that are too difficult for them, and they become frustrated, which is why we recommend being very cautious when it comes to unlocking all lessons! Even for chess players with one or two years’ experience, it is better to start at the beginning. They will proceed quickly, until they reach their own level.

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