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Frequently asked questions : Accounts - schools and clubs

I misspelled my student's name. How can I correct it?

After you create a student account, the name of the student appears in your list of student accounts.

Within three days after activating an account, it is possible to remove the account. Click on the recycle bin icon on the far right in the overview. This will remove the account and add it to the number of available premium accounts. You can now create the student’s account again.

Do you only discover the error after three days? Unfortunately, it will no longer be possible to replace the user name (screen name).

If there is an error in your student's first or last name, you can easily edit it in via Manage Student tool on the Coach tab:

Click on the pencil icon of to the student in question:

In the pop-up that appears, change the fields first name and/or last name:

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