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Arena - the gateway to making more friends on chessity

Nov 27, 2015
StaffCoach 2161

Remember this shy little blue icon? He usually hides in the bottom of the training page. We put him in the spotlight so people can actually see him. Now, he has a story to tell, and I hope you have the time to listen.

In mid 2014, we planted a little seed inside Chessity. An idea came into existence when we released a new feature on Chessity; a place where people can actually play real chess with others after solving so much tactics.

There was so much excitement when it was launched. We called it the "Blitz Arena."

It evolved gradually and grew better with each update. More features were added - the ability to solve tactics with your friends, better pairing system, improved negotiation system and better user interface. 

This blue icon you see now is only the evolution of "Blitz Arena"
And this evolution is not going to stop here. We have some suprise for your next Chessity update scheduled to be released on 16th December.

>>> >>>



The Arena is also special for another reason. In every other place the user picks the game, and then is paired with people; but Arena works it out the other way.
Users in Arena are first paired, and then they negotiate their way to choosing a game to play. And we thought that Arena would serve as a wonderful gateway to turn the tables and make Chessity more sociable.

You must've guessed it by now, didn't you?



Your new gaming section, powered by Arena will now give you a better, faster pairing system. You can choose the opponent you wish to play with. And it will be teeming with people, because all the people will then be channelized through our hidden Arena tool.


After you've selected your opponent, the negotiation screen will show up. This is where you can pick the game of your choice.


Here's a video where you can see all this in action along with sound.



What do you think?

I can hear some of you laughing - maybe you found out that my opponent didn't make any move.

Do you like to give the new Chessity a try?

I'll take your comment on this blog as a yes and send you a beta link where you can access the new website. We are currently improving the site, and it will be made public on December 16th. Your suggestions will help make a better Chessity experience for everyone.

Stay tuned!

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