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How to run a virtual chess club using Chessity

Dec 11, 2015
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Do you run a chess club, and love the idea of being able to manage your activities virtually - like being able to play games with fellow members, having a private space to have a chat, solving tactics together, managing students and measuring their progress?

Well, we thought so too.

We sowed the seeds of this dream by taking a few baby steps in this direction a few years ago. Now as we schedule the next big Chessity update, we like to share how this journey has progressed, and all the surprise we have packed for you.

Here's how you can run a virtual Chess club using Chessity:

A private social space - Chessity's groups feature can be used as a social space for your members. You can invite as many friends, and you can also keep the group private if you like.

Notice the little lock icon in the top right edge on "Schoolschaken" ? It denotes a private group.

When a private group is created it allows the chess club to maintain a private space, where all the communication happens only with the walls of the chess club. This includes forum messages, member details and blog posts.


 - Discussion forum - All the groups have their own forums. Members from outside the group cannot access it. This serves as a communication channel for members within the group.


- Playing and training with others - Chessity's upcoming website has an improved pairing system which allows playing with other users, as well as solving tactics puzzles with others in a healthy competitive way. 

Chessity also provides a unique learning platform which combines gaming and effective chess training, which is suitable for players of all levels - from beginners to Grandmasters.



- Lessons - Video blogging - Private or public. Suitable for member only lectures.

Chessity's GM Erwin L'Ami and IM Robert Ris performed video analysis of the Anand-Carlsen worldchampionship last year. Here you'll see our video blogging tool in action.


The video blogging tool can be used to perform guest lectures or lessons for your members. You can also keep them confined to the privacy of your group. A new feature in the upcoming Chessity update will make it possible to set group visibility to your blogs - be it a video blog, or a tradition blog post. Here's a sneak peek.

- Student management:

You can check out the performance of your students and all the related statistics to help them with their training. This includes information about the puzzles that your student failed - the time they took, move they played and the correct solution, along with other graphs like the one you find below.

The good thing is, you can even train yourself! You can check out your own statistics and even find out the time you took in your mistakes and the related moves!

oh my! I guess I have get back with my practice. Data doesn't lie, you know.

 Coach apps:

There are two rows of coach tools available. The first row is available to all users, while the second row is a set of speciall crafted tools for coaches who manage a lot of students.

You can avail yourself a coach account here.

Normally it would cost a person €350 to buy Chessity accouts for ten students. But if you upgrade to a coach account, it would cost €249 for the same 10 accounts, and it comes with a life-time membership for the coach, and added functionalities.

But it isn't mandatory. You always get the essential coach tools along with your free membership, which would be sufficient to run your virtual chess club. 

 This is where we are in our journey, and all this wouldn't have been possible without the support of our members and their generous feedback.

Do you have suggestions to make this better? Do let us know by adding a comment below.

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