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A Christmas gift from Chessity.

Nov 12, 2015
StaffCoach 2161

Christmas is more than a month away, and we at Chessity have been thinking about the best gift that we could give you. Something special and better than the customary chocolates and cakes that you always get. Something that you can cherish for the rest of the coming new year. 

After so much thinking and brainstorming, we realized that the best gift to give a chess player is a better learning experience. So, we gathered all your feedback and designed a better, faster and easy to use Chessity!  

Say hello to your new chessity website, which will be made available just before Christmas, on the 16th of december.


It's been four years since Chessity launched, and the website has been constantly evolving ever since. This time, in this journey, we faced three difficult challenges which needed more than evolution; It needed revolutionary changes. 

The first one is Technological. If you follow news about technology, you know that browser technology is changing faster. Flash is outdated, html5 is becoming the norm. Thanks to our hardworking team, your Chessity will work on every modern device. It is also going to be a more sociable experience combined with a lot of fun features.

The second is Simplicity and better user experience: We wanted to reduce the complexity of Chessity and make it easy for everyone to use.  

You'll notice how all the features are neatly wrapped into three little buttons in the picture below.


The third reason is to make chessity more useful for children who start playing Chess.

I still remember suggesting Chessity to one of my students a few years ago. As a highly energetic 10-year old, he wouldn't focus. And without focus, he couldn't solve problems. He hated solving tactics. The changes I observed during his practise made me feel confident that Chessity can help several children like him. In the year that followed, his FIDE rating shot up more than a hundred points, and he also started to love solving chess puzzles.

Phew. I also gained the trust of his parents after that.

In the words of another Chessity user...

Thank you Chessity for making tactics training a fun way to get better at this game. Before I discovered this site, 'tactics' was a dirty word for me.

How can Chessity be more children friendly ? How to make it more fun and useful?

Your new Chessity experience will have a unique children mode, a simplified user interface section, which will make training sessions more productive. So, no more confusion anymore. Children will love the new Chessity and its ease of use because of all the icons and visual help. 

Here's how it looks like..


That's not all. We have a lot more to share, and we are going to keep posting about them. Stay tuned. Have an eye on the blog section.

Meanwhile, we'll get busy decorating your Christmas gift. Stay tuned for the 16th of December.

And hey! If you like to join us in improving the new site, just drop a comment below. It can be as simple as a 'hi' or an advanced Christmas greeting. 

I'll then message you a link to the public beta testing version where we are working on the site. You can just start using it and send us your valuable feedback and wishes if you have any. That way we can improve Chessity together. 

Advanced Christmas Wishes!


[Image credits: Frog image > via Pixabay by Alexas_Fotos through CC0 | Gift icon > via Pixabay by Artsbee through CC0]

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Janton 17:05 - 20 Nov 2015
Nice blog Arun! Thanks for all your contribution to Chessity.
arunjchess 17:54 - 20 Nov 2015
Thanks Janton. It was a team work :)
Glad to be a part of it.
Alina 20:16 - 20 Nov 2015
Wonderful work and motivating too!! Besides...I must admit it reminded me about what went wrong lately in my own chess.

The thing is: Chessity is very helpful for professional chess players as well but for various reasons I couldn't put myself together to train more and harder on the very platform I contribute and love so much! Huge mistake, which I promise will get corrected asap.

First a tournament to finish here, in Reykjavik, and then a nice Christmas is coming up indeed! And more examples too;)
zzozzo 11:31 - 21 Nov 2015

nice job (especially for children, but i like it too)
Janiro 17:11 - 24 Nov 2015
Like your blog Arun!
Inopov 18:44 - 24 Nov 2015
Great job Arun!
arunjchess 08:33 - 25 Nov 2015
Thank you Alina, Janine and Julio. I'm glad you guys liked the work.
HvdL 10:50 - 28 Nov 2015
Really looking forward to see and try the new interface. I am currently giving chesstraining to about 80 children and still doing it the old fashion way :) I am now looking for other ways to help kids improve there chess and make them even more enthusiastic.

So, yes ....i am really curious and eager to see what the new website looks like!
ChrisL 09:58 - 30 Nov 2015
Good blog Arun - I hope you don't forget your older users too.
Best regards
Erwin 15:52 - 30 Nov 2015
Nice blog Arun! Your enthusiasm is contagious :) And @ChrisL no worries, new excercises are being developed non-stop for 'older users' as well!
BlackBeauty 14:26 - 28 Jan 2016
Very nice. This is a wonderful blog.Great job!

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