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Jan 22, 2015
StaffCoach 2161

The 77th TATA steel chess tournament at Wijk Aan Zee is heading to a conclusion this Sunday and the tournament is getting more exciting as it inches close to the end. The dramatic stories-twists and tales, the beautiful games, the memories and the nerve rackling experiences are all part of this great tournament.

The rich history of Wijk Ann Zee dates from 1938 to this day, and has seen an array of top players of different times, including every world chess champion since world war II, excluding Bobby Fischer and Vassily Symslov. The current edition of Wijk Ann Zee has its elite or master category headed by the current world champion Magus Carlsen, who is scouring through the competition; and the challengers section, dominated by the Chinese Grand Master Wei Yi and Czech Grandmaster David Navara.

There’s definitely more chess ahead in the remaining three rounds, but this free day gives us the time to ponder and reflect over the legacy of this tournament and the beauty of our beloved game.


It doesn’t matter whether you are a chess player or a spectator, it doesn’t matter whether you are a parent of a chess loving toddler, or a chess coach, whatever our differences are, we’re one big chess family and here’s the time for us to share with the world our joy for the game, and here’s how you can be a part of this.



Quick, pick your phone or your camera and take a good photo of yourself or your group. It may be a selfie or just a fun snap. You can enrich it by adding your story. Use the hash tag #SayChess and share it with us on Twitter, or Instagram.

 Here's a nice tweet I just found!


Everyone wins here! No one goes empty hand. We share our memories, and happiness. But a few lucky winners who post interesting photos actually get a chance to win something tangible.

It may be…
1. A VIP access to a round opening:
Unique access to the opening of one of the tournament rounds and a unique backstage tour. or,
2. VIP access to the official closing ceremony
Unique access to the official closing ceremony of the tournament where you can meet the grandmasters. Or,
3. A Free account on
Win a free account on chessity, where you can train and game chess!

and a few more exciting goodies that may or may not exist. It's all a surprise!

For more updates, follow @tatasteelchess on Twitter and Instagram and use #SayChess

But remember, the winner will be announced on January 24, so your clock is already ticking! 


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