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Chess is harder than I thought.

Dec 13, 2014

This blog is for those Chessity users, who quickly realized that wining a “Castle Assault” game won’t be a walk in the park even if you have the basic knowledge of how chess pieces move and what it takes to win a regular match.

I had the basic understanding of how to play chess from my dad, with whom I spent some time playing for fun. But when I came to Chessity and decided to play a quick “Castle Assault” game without looking at anything else, I got frustrated, angry and confused!
In the game I was given a certain arrangement of chess pieces and I had to choose the right move to make some sort of progress – this ended in disaster as I lost in all three attempts instantly.

However, I decided to try again, but now I would take my time and think – the result was the same – three red buzzers and I retreated to the “Café” to see what I did wrong and even then I couldn’t understand why the game wanted me to make some specific moves instead of other ones.


This was the last straw! Where’s the fun in losing? I had enough of chess games for one day…

… After a few days I returned to Chessity and thought that I should give it another try. Only this time I steered clear from the “games” and went straight to the “training” section.
I picked “Intermediate” because I already knew how the pieces moved and how to take them from your opponent, so the “Beginner” section looked like a waste of time for an “experienced” player like myself.

The lessons completely changed my attitude, in 15 minutes I learned what a “Pawn Fork” was (and no, it’s not a fancy eating utensil), how to do a double-attack, how to defend and many more tricks.


After completing a couple of learning themes, I had a much better understanding of what chess was all about – recognizing patterns, seeing ahead and thinking before acting. The learning experience helped me in looking at chess from a different perspective, which was more fun, easier to learn and made me progress faster.

It was now time to return to “Castle Assault” and test my new found knowledge.

It worked! In the first two puzzles I recognized the patterns and made successful moves, then I lost one and then I completed two more with an ending score of 4-3 to my advantage. This was considerably better than the constant 0-3 story I was getting used to. I had four completed puzzles instead of zero!

This is a lesson to all, who are new to Chessity – if you want to have fun with a challenge, you firstly need to learn, only then will the true purpose of “gaming your training” come to life. Otherwise, you will only get frustrated with the games and your passion for chess in general will fade, so don’t let that happen and click on that “Train” button!

So in other words, here are the steps you should be taking in order to make the “Training your Gaming” experience incredibly fun and competitive:

1. Start going through lessons of your level. If you have no knowledge of chess, start with         the Beginner levels and if you are familiar with the game – go for Intermediate;

2. Try to fill your daily Tactics Training bar to keep a steady and constant learning pattern;

3. Try to play some games on Easy, if it’s still too difficult – go back to the lessons;

4. After playing a game, always check what you did wrong in the Café and try to figure out         why with the Hint feature.

All these steps would have helped me tremendously if I would have read them before blindly charging into the mini-games.

I hope that my experience will also benefit newcomers who experience the same story as I did.

Don’t give up, learn, and taste victory.

So what was your first experience with Chessity?

Was it as hard as it was for me?

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