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Chess tactics contest 2014

Nov 21, 2014
StaffCoach 2161

On the eve of the Carlsen - Anand world championship match, Chessity organized a small Chess tactics puzzle contest on Twitter. We posted ten puzzles, which were tactics and logical challenges. Here they are for you to solve! Have fun solving problems ... 

1. White to play, mate in four moves!


2. How many squares do you see in the below pic? (7x7 chess board below.)




3. White to play and win!



4. Black to play and mate in three! 



5. Check mate the white king on move 4!


6. White to play and mate in three!


7. White to play and win!


8. White to play and mate in 21


9. White to play & mate in 5


10. White to play and draw!


You will find the answers of the puzzle in the below slideshare presentation. But before you check it out, please post your answers! Feel free to share this with your friends. 



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