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How An Ancient Game Can Help You Meet Your Soulmat

Oct 14, 2014
Coach 1270

The Power of Black and White

Have you noticed how single people are always complaining that it’s hard to meet other single people? Maybe you’re single yourself and having the same problem. Clubs are too loud, internet dating seems riddled with horror stories, and you don’t have the time or money to eat, pray and love your way around the world. So, why not chess? In one of the French poet Bertolai’s poems a young hero gains access to the chambers of a noblewoman under the pretence of playing chess. So you see, chess can make it happen.

Real Life Chess Soulmates

But you’re still unconvinced, right? Well, consider the wonderful story of chess players Sagar Shah and Amruta Mokal. Shah met Mokal when he was drawn to play her brother Prathamesh in the Commonwealth Chess Championship in 2007. Instead of resigning near the end of a game he was never going to win, Shah stubbornly played on, and because of his obstinacy he got to sit on the last bus home with Prathamesh and his sister. Mokal was actually waiting for a chance to speak to Shah, as she had read a love poem he had written (to another girl!) and liked it. Fate, it seems, is not without a sense of irony. To cut a long story short, they liked each other, fell in love, and five years later they had a chess-themed wedding. 

Real Life Chess Soulmates #2

Chessity's own Erwin l'Ami met his wife, Alina, through chess. They both played a lot of junior tournaments, and that's how things between them got going. Theirs is a relationship which revolves around chess and their committments to the game (when Erwin was assisting Topalov in in his World Championship match against Anand he didn't see Alina for over 2 months), and although they both understand and accept this, strangely, they don't often speak about chess! So you see, you can meet your soulmate over a chess board.

But why does a game of Chess make a good Date?

Think about it. Chess is an activity that takes the emphasis away from conversation, allowing you to connect and discuss something you’re both doing. You’re sharing, and there’s no pressure. Rappers Dead Prez recognised this in one of their songs, telling their dream girl that “later we can play a game of chess on the fouton…when you show me your mind, it makes me wanna show you mine.” And if there isn’t a chess club around the corner from you, you can join millions of people playing online. At least you know that they’re there because they have a hobby, and not just to stalk desperate and unwitting online daters. Be honest: you’ve tried so many things, and you’re still single. There’s not a whole lot to lose, is there?

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