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Rules for the Arena game

Jul 5, 2014
StaffCoach 2161

Behold, Chessity’s new Arena game is here. In this post, we’ve shared the basics rules about the game and how one can use it. Have fun!

1. Entering the game:

You can find the Arena icon at the training page. Just click the icon and you’ll be taken to the Arena page; as simple as that!



The Arena page automatically pairs you with another player who is online at the same time, and you’ll get the above screen when the system is busy finding an opponent for you. Here you can check out the number of games that is going on, and the number of players online.

2. Negotiation:

After you’ve been paired, the below negotiation screen appears where you can select the game options. Five options are possible here...
They are

1. Regular Blitz game: a. time 3 min + 2 sec b. Rapid chess 3min + 12sec.

2. Tactics race: a. easy b. medium and c. hard

Your opponent will also be selecting his favorite game options. When a game option matches both players, you’ll be paired and the game will begin!
If you don’t like an opponent, you can just hit the red “cross (X)” button on your opponent’s picture, and the system will find another player for you.
Also, don’t forget to use the chat feature in the game. You can just type what you want to say, and hit the enter key! This will send your message to your opponent. You can see the conversation in the small box below the game points.


3. Match!

Let’s just say you both picked Tactics Race easy, here’s what happens next.

a. You get matched! Yay!


b. Game begins! Start solving.


4. Solving the puzzles:


The world cup icon in the timeline below moves depending on the result. You get a series of puzzles, and the player who solves quickly wins! Time matters. If it moves towards the flag, you’re closer to victory; and the fire is just the opposite; it means your opponent is winning. The player who reaches the Flag icon first wins the game.
If someone makes a mistake, the puzzle repeats so that it can be solved and not ignored.

5. Winning the first game in the match!


When you solve all the problems correctly, you win the first game of the match. You can continue and play more games and it will all addup in the match between yourself, and your opponent. And, ofcourse, you can use the red “X” button to change an opponent.
Have fun! Feel free to comment below if you had any questions, suggestions, feedback or appreciation.

Happy to help,
Team Chessity!

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