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Chessity goes multilingual.

Jun 21, 2014
StaffCoach 2161


Chessity goes global! Would you like to be part of it?
We are currently translating the site to different languages. If you liked to help us by volunteering to convert a bunch of words from English to your language, do let us know by adding a comment below. Volunteers will get a surprise gift from Chessity!

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kidney14 23:59 - 21 Jun 2014
Hello , i like your global vision , and i want to help you to translate the contents of chessity to French .
arunjchess 06:47 - 22 Jun 2014
Awesome! Thanks. I'll get back to you after consulting with Janton. Have a nice day.
kidney14 11:28 - 22 Jun 2014
well ! i am waiting for your return .
Janton 21:07 - 22 Jun 2014
Hi Kidney14, I just send you an email. Thanks in advance!
sigrun 09:47 - 23 Jun 2014
Hi, I'd like to help with German
arunjchess 13:00 - 23 Jun 2014
Hey Sigrun, thanks! We'll write to you soon.
pashaa31 10:35 - 24 Jun 2014
Hello,I also like your global vision and i want to help you to translate the contents of chessity to Bangla.
Janton 12:39 - 25 Jun 2014
Thanks for all the help offered. Spanish, German, Portuguese and Dutch has been offered up till now. More languages and volunteers are welcome! Thanks in advance.
Jazzkid74 23:20 - 30 Jun 2014
I can help with Norwegian.
Janton 16:39 - 2 Jul 2014
Thanks, I just send you an email.
aviera 18:07 - 2 Jul 2014
Hi Arun,

Native Malay speaker from Malaysia here and I would like to contribute. Thanks.
heyda 13:29 - 6 Jul 2014
I can help in translatin into Indonesian. Thanks.
heyda 13:29 - 6 Jul 2014
I can help in translating into Indonesian. Thanks.
megasfer 08:49 - 9 Jul 2014
?????? ? ???????))))
megasfer 08:54 - 9 Jul 2014
I can help with translation into Russian
chessexplorer 21:30 - 16 Jul 2014
I can help with translation to Swedish.
Janton 22:04 - 16 Jul 2014
yes, you can. I send you an email. Now I understand the name "chessexplorer" in your email.

I also see the post from Heyda and Megasfer. I will contact you both.
chessexplorer 22:27 - 12 Aug 2014
I am not sure this is the right place but the the text string 8467204 is missing the letter ´g´ in the end.

When I tranlate ´Start coachin´ the letter ´g´ is added to the end of my translation so "träna" becomes "tränag" in the coach page.
arunjchess 09:34 - 14 Aug 2014
hi.. I'll send an error report about it to our developers so that they can find out what's wrong. Thanks for letting us know.

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