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Noticed something new?

Jun 20, 2014
StaffCoach 2161

Noticed something new? The new Blitz arena is here!

The hardworking Chessity team has something new for you this time. If you had a few minutes, do checkout the improved Blitz arena! Just head for and click the Blitz arena icon near the bottom of the page. OR, simply click the below image! It should take you to the arena! 



The best part of Blitz arena is the tactics race! A fun social problem solving game where two players have a set of position and the winner is the person who solves the position earlier than the other player. 


Have fun! Let us know what you think. Your feedback will help us improve the game, and make it better day by day! Thank you for reading, and being a part of the amazing community at Chessity. Have a nice day.

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arunjchess 09:18 - 20 Jun 2014

Gameviewer widget for your website

Just copy and paste the code below on your website wherever you want the gameviewer to display.
The gameviewer widget for websites 600px by 330px in dimensions.
<script type="text/javascript">
	var chessity_gameblog_id = 366;
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>