Chessity for third year in a row official partner of Tata Steel Chess

Jan 5, 2017
Chessity staff post

The 79th edition of the Tata Steel Chess Tournament begins Friday, January 13th, in Wijk aan Zee. For the third year in a row, Tata Steel Chess Tournament has joined forces with Chessity. Like during past editions, Chessity will support Tata Steel Chess in enabling hundreds of children to participate in Tata – Kids of Steel Chess® events.

Everyone can be champion is his or her own way.

Chessity is happy to contribute to this great chess event. The Tata Steel Chess Tournament is much more than a tournament for the world’s top chess players. It is a chess event that shows that everybody can be a champion in his or her own way. (Read more in: Why the Tata Steel Chess Tournament is so special).

Chess is a means to let talent blossom. It is our mission to let everybody experience the benefits of chess, especially kids. In the Tata Steel Chess Tournament, we have found a partner with a shared vision on the positive influence of the game of chess on children.

As part of the Tata Steel Chess Tournament program, we can reach a lot of children at various locations and in different ways, such as chess workshops and chess commentary for kids. We hope to inspire as many children, parents, chess players, chess coaches and teachers as possible to pick up on chess for children to unlock their potential.

Interested in teaching chess?

Find out how Chessity helps you with the best online chess learning software or ask us for more information:

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Chessity at Tata Steel Chess

Plans for visiting Chessity during the Tata Steel Chess Tournament? Detailed information about our program can be found here. Or drop us note if you want to schedule a meeting.

More information about Tata Steel Chess can be found at the tournament website.



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