Our values

Our values

Our values bind us together and shape Chessity. They guide the way we interact with our customers, with our partners, within our communities and with each other. 



We are committed to our mission first and foremost. We consider our users in all we do. Even when our users are not the ones purchasing our product (e.g., children), their needs are always our main focus.



We feel that connected people are stronger than organizations. It takes a collaboration of many people to reach our shared goals. More interaction opens opportunities to create more value. We cheer and cherish ideas that work, whatever their source or popularity, and we share credit.



We embrace openness and collaboration as more powerful and more fun. We regard transparency as the key to fostering trust. We take pride in sharing our beliefs, failures, strengths and decisions.



We listen first and then listen more, to one another and to others at Chessity and beyond. We are genuine and we treat one another with respect, directness, and trust. We take our work very seriously, but ourselves, not so much.



Our work is always a work in progress: we strive to continually improve. We try to be flexible and proactive. We value creativity and initiative. We take the approach that everything is a hypothesis and we could be wrong. We accept the risk and potential for failure as essential to experimentation, learning, and success.