Our team

We are working with passion for chess, games, designs and technology on the mission of Chessity.

image Afek
Yochanan Afek
International Master Yochanan Afek is one of the World's leading Endgame Composer and Chessity is very proud to have him on the team! Under the tab 'Train' and 'Advanced' you will find this fascinating world of endgame studies.
image Alina
Alina l'Ami
Chessity team member - ready to help you with any queries you might have!
image Erwin
Erwin l'Ami
Member of the Chessity team. If you have any questions, remarks or suggestions, don't hesitate to let me know!
image Inopov
Julio Sadorra
Chessity Team member and coach.
image Janton
Janton van Apeldoorn
Leitmotif - innovation "Online"

I am thrilled about what is going on in my field of expertise. I love chess and I enjoy sharing my expertise in order to bring chess to the world!
image MrGreen
Andrew Green
Chessity team member. My role is to help create puzzles and write articles for Chessity. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

Away from Chessity, I coach Scotland's top juniors as well as in schools. Occasionally, I play in tournaments. I am planning to improve my results using Chessity!
image RobertRis
Robert Ris
International Master and glad to join the Chessity Team
image sam
sam Loyd